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Visitors to the Mad River Valley will discover a plethora of condominium complexes, the development of which has been spurred by the number of folks who, once they have experienced the Valley, just have to have some roots here. The complexes range from late sixties ski condos to the latest slope-side luxury townhouses and quarter shares. The sheer variety can be overwhelming so we have sorted the major complexes into three categories: Sugarbush Village, which are the closest to the lifts at Lincoln Peak; Near the Mountain, which includes condominiums with a few minutes of Lincoln Peak, MT Ellen and Mad River Glen; and Mad River Valley complexes which feature easy access to skiing as well as historic Waitsfield. Our agents are thoroughly versed in the unique character of each so feel welcome to contact us with any questions!

Click Sugarbush Village, Near the Mountain or Mad River Valley for Sugarbush Real Estate exclusive listings; click a condo name to see all listings in that complex; or, do a Quick Search above to access everything!

Sugarbush Village

  • (0)


    3 BR townhouses a short walk to
    ski trail, dining, sports center.
    Fireplace,WDs. From $195,000
  • (1)

    Center Village

    1 BRs in Sugarbush's 1st hotel!
    Attractive units next to ski trail,
    dining, low fees. From $59K
  • (0)


    2-4 BR units in small, handsome
    complex near the lifts. Stone fire-
    places, shuttle. From....N/A

  • (1)

    Clay Brook

    Quarter share 1 BRs to full 4 BR
    ownership. Live at the slopes w/
    luxury services. From $97,000

  • (0)


    1-2 BRs next to sports center, 
    walk to lifts, dining. Fireplaces, 
    views, shuttle, from $118,000

  • (5)


    1-2 BRS next to ski over trail!
    Fireplaces, pool, walk to dining,
    sports center. From $90,000

  • (1)

    North Lynx

    1-5 BRs near Village Run Trail.
    Fireplaces, WDs, decks, views.
    storage, shuttle. From…$69,900

  • (0)


    1-3 BRs, walk to lifts, sports cen-
    ter. Fireplaces, gas heat, owners'
    club, shuttle. From $145,000

  • (2)

    Rice Brook

    2-4 BRs at the slopes! Brand new,
    luxurious, fireplaces, views, und-
    erground parking. From $619,500
  • (1)

    Snow Creek

    2 BR, 2 bath slopeside units with
    warm interiors, fireplaces, WDs,
    gas heat, pool. From $259,000

  • (0)

    South Village

    2-4 BR Villas w/ski over trail, fire-
    places, decks & views. Pool, ten-
    nis, shuttle.From $273,900

  • (0)


    3 BR spaciuous townhouses,
    views, fireplaces, lofts. Walk to
    ski trail, shuttle. From $149,900

  • (1)

    Trailside/Village Run

    2-4 BRs next to Village Run trail.
    Fireplaces, WD's, great views. Ski
    over, ride shuttle. From $125,000.

  • (0)

    Village Gate

    Studios in hotel style complex.
    Walk to trail, dining, sports center.
    Elevator, low fees. From $69,900

  • (29)


    1-3 BRs in Sugarbush’s 1st condo
    complex! On ski trail, quaint,  wood
    stoves, brook, views. From…N/A

Near The Mountain

  • (2)


    2 to 4 BRs near Mad River & MT
    Ellen. Covered bridge, brook,
    great for families! From $165,900

  • (2)

    Briar Cliff

    2 BR townhouses near skiing. 
    1850 SF, den, 3 bths, fireplaces,
    views, shuttle. From $160,000

  • (0)


    1-3 BRs 1/4 mile from lifts! Family
    oriented, indoor/outdoor sports,
    fireplaces, shuttle. From $39,900

  • (0)

    Christmas Tree

    1 BRs off Sugarbush Access Rd.
    Quiet, fireplaces, pool & tennis,
    light fees, shuttle. From…$85,000

  • (215)

    Club Sugarbush

    2-3 BR luxury townhouses near
    lifts, golf. Spacious, fireplaces,
    carports, shuttle. From $255,000

  • (215)


    3 BR townhouses on German Flats.
    Loads of space, fireplaces, pool, 
    tennis, shuttle. From $189,000
  • (215)


    Studio-3 BRs, ski-on at MT Ellen!
    Cozy, fireplaces, community hot
    tub, pool, tennis. From $89,000
  • (0)


    2 BR, 2 baths at Mt Ellen! Ski home,
    appealing w/fireplaces, long views,
    outdoor pool, tennis. From…N/A

  • (0)


    2-3 BR luxury townhouses on MT!
    Super-insulated, fireplaces, hot tub,
    pool, tennis, shuttle. From…$279,900

  • (0)

    Sterling Ridge

    2-4 BR townhouses on MT! Views,
    roomy, fireplaces, views, pool, ten-
    nis, garage (s), shuttle. From…N/A

  • (0)

    Sugar Run

    1-2 BRs on German Flats! Easy
    to own, fireplaces, trails, pool,
    tennis, shuttle. From $79,900

  • (0)


    3 BR townhouses off Access Rd.
    Private, quiet, fireplaces, pool,
    tennis, shuttle. From $199,900

  • (0)

    The Farms

    2-3 BR luxury townhouses on
    Golf Course. Views, carports, dens,
    fireplaces, privacy. From $695,000

  • (0)

    The Maples

    3-4 BR townhouses near golf &
    skiing. Fireplaces, family rooms,
    garage, shuttle. From $514,900

  • (0)


    2-4 BR townhouses off the Access
    Rd. Fireplaces, pool, tennis, near
    shuttle, saunas. From $139,900

Mad River Valley

  • (0)

    Bridge House

    1-2 BRs on Mad River in historic
    Waitsfield! Small, intimate, gas
    heat, views, garage. From $225,000

  • (0)

    Butternut Hill

    Studio-2 BRs off RT 100, Waitsfield.
    Private, fireplaces, pool, tennis,
    laundry, low fees. From $75,000

  • (0)

    Carroll House

    2-3 BRs, walk to Waitsfield Village,
    shops, movies! Well kept, gas heat,
    garage,storage.From $185,000

  • (1)


    1-2 BR residential condos in More-
  • (0)


    1-3 BRS off Rt 100, Waitsfield.
    Small complex, fireplaces, easy
    commute, low fees. From N/A

  • (0)

    Valley Professional

    1 BR plus 3 office spaces off Rt
    100, Waitsfield. Live & work in
    beautiful, 1800 /space. From N/A
  • (0)


    1-2 BRs off Rt 100, Waitsfield. Easy
    to own, low fees, nearby brook,
    easy access to skiing.From N/A

  • (0)

    Old High School

    1-2 BRs in Waitsfield’s original
    school house! Ultra charming,
        walk to shops. From   N/A

  • (0)


    Studio & 1 BRs near Access Rd.
    On-site restaurant, tennis, pool.
    Easy to own, low fees. From N/A

  • (1)

    Top of Valley

    3 BR townhouses on Bragg Hill!
    Spacious, multi level, long views,
    fireplaces, low fees. From $139,000+